About You

I want to get to know you so that I can help you to craft the perfect cruise vacation that fits your personality and taste! We can start with a consultation or you can simply fill out this form to help me find your cruise personality so we can match you with the right cruise line and itinerary!

What I do for You

I like to offer a personalized service for each of my clients. For some, vacation planning is stressful and for others, it is so much fun! I like to leave it up to my clients on how much control they want me to have. I can either plan the vacation from beginning to end, or I can do something as simple as just handle the booking process for you. Here is what you can expect from my full service:

First thing to determine is what kind of person are you?

Person A: You have done your research and you already know where you want to go and what ship you want to go on, all you have to do is book it!

Person B: You have narrowed down to a few itineraries and ships, but you’re not quite sure which one you want to do.

Person C: You have absolutely NO IDEA where you want to go or what you want to do. Maybe you’ve never even cruised before!

No matter where you fall in the planning process, bring your trip to me rather than booking direct. Why you ask? I will work as your personal side-kick when it comes to your vacation plans. Once your cruise is booked, we’ll work together on any other things you need help with whether that is your pre-cruise plans, like flights/hotels/shuttles, as well as your post-cruise plans. I will even assist you with any shore excursions you want to do and make sure you are covered with the proper trip insurance if you opt in for coverage!

I will even monitor the prices for you and if you qualify for a lower rate, I’ll be sure to change it for you so you don’t have to keep up with it. Once you’re booked and it is time to complete online check-in, I will go through the process for you to make sure everything is covered. I’ll also print your luggage tags & boarding passes and get them sent your way prior to leaving for your cruise. Again, this is all optional! If you like to handle that all yourself, just let me know and I will let you take the wheel.

The great thing about working with me is you can pick and choose what you want me to handle for you and what you’d rather take care of yourself.

“Why would I pay for a travel agent to book for me when I can do it myself?”

You actually will not pay anything extra for my services. I get paid commission through the cruise line, so my services are free of charge to you. The truth is, the commission is worked into the fare of every single cruise so whether you book direct or you book with me, you are paying for that commission. It either goes to your travel agent, or it goes back to the cruise line if you book direct.

I will always guarantee that you will not pay more with me. I will always match the lowest rate you find if I can’t beat it!


During the planning process, you can expect regular check-ins from me. If you ever have questions or concerns in the months leading up to your trip, please know that you can email me 24/7 and I will answer it as soon as I can! You can reach my by text or phone any day of the week between 8am-9pm. If you ever try calling or texting me and I do not answer right away, please leave me a voicemail and I will call you back at my earliest convenience!

Because of my flexible schedule, I am able to work with clients anywhere in the US!

I would be honored to work with you on your upcoming trip!

Already booked a cruise? No worries, if you’d still like to work with me, you can contact the cruise line to let them know you’d like to transfer the booking to your travel agent. As long as it is within a certain time frame of booking, the cruise line should allow this and I can continue working with your booking!

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Romantic Getaways or Family Adventures


Cruise Weddings

Hold your wedding on a cruise, or cruise with your group to get married at your destination of choice!



You’ve tied the knot! Why not plan on spending your honeymoon on a ship visiting multiple destinations?


Group Trips

Whether you’re planning a girls’ getaway, a bachelor trip, family or class reunion — A group cruise is a fun, easy way to get everyone together! Let’s plan it!