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Cruising is one of my favorite forms of travel! If you've never cruised before... you have GOT to give it a try!

What I love most about cruising is once you've packed your bags and you've arrived to the terminal, you get on the ship and every thing else is pretty much taken care of. I say plan smarter, not harder!

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Cruising offers a care-free atmosphere. It's a great option if you're looking to really escape for a bit. The best part? There are multiple cruise lines to choose from.

Whether you are a young-at-heart individual who thrives on interaction with others and has a sense of vitality & spontaneity, or you're looking for a more luxurious, relaxing voyage; We can find the perfect cruise for your vacation needs!

Learn more about the different cruise lines I work with the most by visit the Cruise Lines page.

Cruising is a great option no matter what kind of trip you're looking at taking!

  • Family vacations

  • Spring Break Trips

  • Sorority/Fraternity Gatherings

  • Reunions

  • Honeymoons/Romantic Getaways

  • Group Retreats/Workshops

  • Business Meetings

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Want to learn more about cruising? Read through some of the Frequently Asked Questions from new cruisers.

Contact me today, or visit the cruise quote page to work up a price quote!

frequently asked questions

1. Aside from couples, who else cruises?

  1. While cruising is excellent for couples, couples are not the only people who cruise. Cruising is great for families, couples on their honeymoon / anniversary and even singles! That’s right, cruising gives singles’ a great way to meet other people. Some cruise lines even offer studio staterooms. Cruising is great for anyone who is interested in trying it!

2. How much do cruises cost?

Cruising in my opinion offers the best vacation value! There are cruise vacations for every budget and taste. The cruise price typically includes your room accommodations, onboard activities and entertainment and majority of your food. You will know what your vacation costs before you go and there is nothing I love more than being able to financially plan for a trip! Your only ‘extra’ expenses will be drinks, specialty dining, shore excursions, spa services and any shopping you do on or off of the ship. All of those extra expenses are optional! But the best part about that is even with the optional additions, you can still plan ahead for it and set all of your money aside for your trip before you go!

“Can I afford a cruise?”

You actually can save money by taking a cruise. A typical land vacation is usually a trip that no matter how much you try to plan to save money and eat out as little as possible, you spend way more than you were planning. With cruises, standard meals are included in the price of your cruise and the best part? It is pretty much ‘all you can eat!’

Some cruise lines will even include prepaid drink cards, wine packages and other bundles that help you to save money.

3. What if I have special dietary requirements?

Most ships can accommodate salt-free, low-carb, low cholesterol, diabetic as well as other diet preferences. This request though should be made in advance and something that I can handle as your travel agent!

4. What about dining arrangements? I’ve heard you have to sit with other people.

The dining experience has become more casual as years have passed and there is often open seating, allowing you to dine when, where and whoever you want to. Some cruisers however do prefer sitting at a table with several others; some lifelong friendships hav been made this way!

5. Do I need a Passport?

I highly recommend that all cruise passengers travel with a passport. However, as long as your cruise returns to the same U.S. location in which it originated from, aka “closed-loop cruise”, depending on your ports of call, you may be able to get by without a passport. I can make sure you’re covered with that you need depending on where your cruise is traveling!

6. What happens if I become sick or injured while on my cruise?

There are doctors on board just in case a passenger falls ill or gets hurt. Doctors on international ships are trained and licensed with at least three years of clinical experience, including minor surgery and emergency care.

I’m happy to answer any additional, general medical related questions that may be of concern to you!

7. How do I book a cruise?

I will help you select the cruise that best fits your vacation preferences, budget and schedule. I can assist in as much or as little of the details as you need. Whether it is getting you from your door to the ship and back, or if you just need help getting the trip booked, I am here to take care of you!

I have completed extensive training programs across the different cruise lines and can provide my personal experience and knowledge so that you can rest assured that I will be there for you.

8. What about tipping?

Tipping is a matter of preference. The average is approximately $10-15 per person per day (this is including your room steward/stewardess, waiter, assistant waiter, head waiter). Any other personnel can be tipped for special services received or at your discretion.

Most cruise lines actually offer the option to include gratuities to your bill so that it is taken care of.

9. What should I pack?

Pack like you would for any resort vacation. Cruise vacations are casual by day and the dress code in the evening varies by ship and by occasion.

Most cruise lines are leaning towards a more casual approach, but do still offer formal options. I’ll be sure to make sure you understand dress codes based on your cruising!

10. How can I stay connected while cruising?

Most staterooms have a TV and telephones. Many ships are now Wi-Fi enabled so that you can check your email or social media. Additional charges may apply for phone, internet and cellular service. I will be sure to check on this for you prior to your sailing to make sure you’re still connected to people back at home. That is of course if you want to be connected!

11. What if I have an issue with motion sickness?

This rarely is an issue. Popular cruise itineraries sail through some of the calmest waters in the world. There are also stabilizers on modern ships as well as the availability of advance weather info. There are also options such as medications that for the most part, help to eliminate motion sickness.

If you’re worried about motion sickness for your first cruise, I’d recommend getting room that is located on a lower deck and in the middle of the ship.

If there are any other questions that have not been answered, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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