My Must-Have Cruise Essentials

The moment that I book a cruise, I’m getting ready for it. Even if it is over 6 months away, there is nothing I love more than getting cruise-ready!

I don’t know what it is, maybe I’m just a cruise nerd, but I love making my list, getting things ordered that I may need and getting it all gathered together. For example, our next cruise is currently over 200 days away, but you better believe I already have some of my items gathered together and tucked away in my suitcase. No, I don’t have it actually packed yet, but my hard-sided luggage rarely gets used unless I’m taking a big trip, so all of my cruise gear will live there until it is time to get things going.

I thought it would be fun to go over some of my must-haves when it comes to cruising so maybe you’ll find a little something you didn’t think about when it comes to your cruise!

Now a lot of these, you’ll hear about from any cruise content creator. But the first one I’m going to start out with that I never hear anyone mention is a Microfiber Beach Towel. Now I know what you’re thinking… ‘WHY on Earth would I bring a beach towel when the cruise line will provide clean towels for me all week?’

— I will absolutely use the cruise lines’ towels all week long while I am onboard, but I just hate having to carry that bulky thing off of the ship. I like to pack light and the least amount of stuff I have to carry of that ship, the better, so I opted to get beach-sized microfiber towels because they fold down so small and they actually don’t do a bad job of drying! And, they dry faster… hang it up in your room overnight and you’ll have a fresh towel for your next day at port! **Be sure to select at least the 30 x 60 inch size if you’re going for a beach towel!

Next up is my Dry Bag. I actually bought this a couple of years ago when we first bought our kayaks. We were planning on taking them out at the beach and we really didn’t want to leave our valuables behind as they would’ve been out of site, but we obviously didn’t want anything to get ruined. So I ordered these to keep our phones, wallets & car keys in and they work great! Everything was nice and dry after a rough-run at sea! So actually took this as our “day bag” on our last cruise. Although we may be upgrading to a different day bag that offers more pockets for better organization, this bag is sure to deliver if you’re looking for something to keep your belongings protected from the elements!

Now anyone who knows me, knows I have to have my camera gear! I am a hobby landscape & travel photographer so bringing along what I refer to as my “Big Girl Camera” is a MUST! I recently upgraded to the Sony A7ii and I LOVE it! I’m still working on getting some new lenses for it and rebuilding my collection, but in time, I’ll be able to add to this list of my must-have lenses to go with this camera! And while we’re talking about cameras, we absolutely cannot forget about the GoPro! We use the Hero5 Black and it is such a great little action camera, it was one of the best purchases I could’ve made for our travels. Even though it is already waterproof, I still put a protective housing on it just in case!

When I know I’m going to be cruising, I have to have my Sun Hat! i want to protect my face from too much sun AND I might as well be stylist while I’m at it ;) - I am starting to develop a hat obsession! Let’s just hope it doesn’t get as bad as my bag/luggage obsession… Yeah, we’ll have to talk about that later!

Next on the list of must-haves is our Bluetooth Speaker - although we try to book our room in a good location, sometimes we may not always get what we are aiming for. In the event that we might have more noise than expected outside of our stateroom, we want to have a backup plan to help cancel out excess noise while we are sleeping. Pro tip: we actually already ask our room steward for a fan to use in our room at night.

We’re so used to sleeping with a noisy fan at home, but we don't like to pack one of the battery-operated ones so we just cross our fingers and hope that we can get one supplied to us for the trip and we’ve lucked out each time so far! But this bluetooth speaker can help for us to play our White Noise app as well if we need it. And why not download some steel drum music to listen to as you’re unpacking!

I have tried a few different things, but my most recent purchase has been my new Travel Wallet. This actually will hold both mine and my husband’s passport, my ID in the very front and there are 2 zippered pockets on each side where I’ll keep some cash for tipping. I’m hoping to also have our boarding passes in one of the other zippered compartments. Again, this one is new so we’ll see how I like it compared to my last travel wallet/ passport book. Although this one is meant to be worn around your neck, I’ll just wear it like a cross-body purse!

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you know that the number of power outlets is ridiculous! A lot of times, unless you’re in a suite, there may only be 1 outlet or 2 outlets in the entire room and one of them is in the bathroom. So I recommend taking a surge-protected Power Strip or power hub so that you can plug in multiple things at once if you need it!

Lastly, my newest fave that isn’t necessarily an “essential” — but it is something that I just love and have to have with me, would be my Pura Vida bracelets! If you haven’t heard of Pura Vida, you should check them out. Now obviously if their stuff isn’t your style, then by all means, skip this section of the blog. But if you like to have a little something on your wrist or ankles, etc. Then Pura Vida is perfect for you to wear in the pools or the ocean while you’re swimming and you don’t have to worry about them ruining! I just recently signed up for their monthly club too. And you can actually use my discount code on all orders to receive 20% off!


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