My Dream Vacation

If I had one month to do whatever I wanted to do and no budget to worry about, what would I do?

Gosh, so much comes to mind honestly! I have a TON of places I want to visit, so I'm just going to run with my top destinations that I want to see as of right now.

First things first, since I live in Georgia, I don't want to waste my time with anything that is within an easy drive for me on any given long weekend. I can see it some other time, so I'm going to start a little further out. My first stop: Arizona

Tucson, Arizona | US Road Trip | My Dream Vacation | Nature Lovers | Travel Blog | Ashley Rae Co

> I would hop on a flight on out to Phoenix and spend days 1 & 2 here. I'd galavant around town and head to the outskirts to find cacti galore! And we mustn't forget  T U R Q U O I S E ! Hmmm... I wonder if I could find a place to mine my own! :)

Arizona | Turquoise | Turquoise in Arizona | Mine Turquoise| My Dream Vacation | Travel Blog | Ashley Rae Co.

Next Stop: Days 3, 4 & 5... You guessed it! I am renting a car and driving to The Grand Canyon (Duh) - How do you NOT visit. 

Grand Canyon | US Road Trip | My Dream Vacation | Travel Blog | Ashley Rae Co

And if you haven't heard of this secret river that runs through, then you should definitely make that a part of your trip. Now me, I love to swim so that is a no-brainer for me! I'd spend at least 3 days here because this place is HUGE! I'd want to be sure I don't miss a thing!

Grand Canyon Secret River | Swimming Grand Canyon | US Road Trip | My Dream Vacation | Travel Blog | Ashley Rae Co

Days 6, 7, 8 & 9: I'm splitting between Death Valley National Park and Sequoia National Park in California. Oh yeah, You've read it before in my first Cali-Series. The views look incredible! And could you imagine camping under that night sky?! And if you've talked with me recently, you know I've been buying new lenses for my camera that I got last year. I'm  D Y I N G  to learn astrophotography so I can get awesome shots like that of our Milky Way! 

Days 10 & 11, I'd hop on another flight to Seattle so I could hopefully get to see a little bit of the beautiful Mount Rainier. I am also fascinated with the Cascadia Subduction Zone, so you know I've got to head to the coastline to just say I've been there! **Fingers crossed for no movement!**

Seattle Washington | Mt. Rainier | US Road Trip | My Dream Vacation | Travel Blog | Ashley Rae Co.

Days 12 & 13: You know I've got to make just one more stop in the U.S. >> Yellowstone National Park. Honestly, these images speak for themselves so I'm going to just let them do that. 

Day 14, 15, 16 & 17 I am heading out of the United States and bound for  A F R I C A ! 

Tanzania is definitely a part of my bucket list. I've always wanted to visit Africa. Between the scenery, the wildlife and the opportunity to explore other cultures, it is a wonder as to why I have not been there yet! Fun Fact: I am obsessed with volcanoes. I want to visit an active one so very badly... By the way, did you know there is a volcano in Tanzania where you can see lava like this every day. Pinch me now, I must be dreaming!

Days 18, 19 & 20 >> I'm staying in Africa, but I'm heading to Egypt! Ancient Egypt to be exact. I would love to visit the ancient ruins, pyramids and check out all of the hieroglyphs and try to figure out exactly what all they mean. 

For the remaining days of my month-long trip, I'd have to venture out to the Maldives (I've got to get something tropical in there!) That water is something that will just make you want to stay forever, but I guess I could settle for 9 days! :)

And just like that, it would be over... And there are still so many other places to explore! The world is so big, isn't it amazing?

Where would YOU go if you had one month and no budget?