8 Ways to Save Money for Travel

Save Money for Travel

1. Set Savings Goals

Whether you're going for a weekly or monthly goal, set something realistic that will help you to avoid temptations and that will help to keep you motivated!

2. Budget, Budget, Budget!

Actually setting a budget for yourself will help you to not spend excess money. The common misconception that people have about budgeting is that you have to be a tight-wad and can't spend any money on fun things. Totally not true! If you know you like to shop, simply set a monthly allowance that you can stick to without breaking the bank so you can set some extra cash aside. I highly recommend taking Dave Ramsey's course! It will teach you a lot!

Save Money for Travel

3. Set Up a Travel Account

I have a little savings account connected to my checking account and I have it set up to where $5 is automatically sent to that account so I always have a little stash in case I need to dip into it. I don't necessarily use this as my "travel" account, but it absolutely can be an option for someone else!

4. Loose Change (My Fave!)

This is my favorite method to saving money for travel! I operate mostly with cash... Something that I actually learned from my Dave Ramsey course and it helps me to not spend more than I need to. I'm able to place my cash into "categories" with paperclips & labels. 

Since I use cash 90% of the time, I am constantly getting change. I keep a cup in my cars center console & anytime I get change, it goes into that cup and every time I clean out my car, I take that cup into my room and empty it into mason jars in my room. I have a quarter jar, dimes, nickels & pennies! If you don't use cash, you should maybe consider it. Try it for a year and see how you like this method. Normally when change randomly gets thrown around, we let ours pile up for about a year and we always have at least $300 to use either on vacation or to go towards a vacation. It almost feels like free money! *Another tip, count the change & roll it yourself! I don't trust those CoinStar machines!

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5. Tips

Similar to the method above, if you work in an industry where you earn tips, it's a great idea to take a portion of your tips (if not all of them) and place those tips into jars to save up! Any extra money that you get that doesn't need to go towards a bill, save it! At least a portion of it!

6. Earn Some Extra Cash

Sell your stuff! Y'all, oh my gosh... I am already a fan of purging the things you don't need or no longer bring value to your life anymore. Whether you're selling your belongings online, or you hold a garage/yard sale, you can easily rack up some extra cheese ($$$) and it will help you to declutter! Win-Win!

You can also consider taking up a little side-gig. Drive for Uber, babysitting, dog walking, freelance work, ANYTHING! The sky is the limit on ways to earn extra income.

7. Don't Go Out

If you are someone who likes to go have a night out on the town, try to refrain from doing that, or at least doing that as often. You want to talk about a money pit? Go out to bars/clubs or even going out to eat every night. Now if you must go out, maybe only go out once a month instead of every weekend! Pre-drink before you head out, or maybe just do a house-party? You will save money! BYOB!

Hit the grocery store and take up some Pinterest-inspired cooking lessons if you're not a big cook. You'll save so much more money when you cook your own meals rather than going out to eat. Couponing is a bonus!

8. Stop. Reconsider. Decide.

Don't always be so quick to make a crazy decision on an impulse buy! Stop and ask yourself, 'do I really need this?' - If you aren't sure, take a step back and hold off for a few days before buying the item in question. If after those few days, you still feel like you really need it, then buy it. Try to wait for a sale if you can! Several times I've stopped myself from buying things I thought I really wanted and needed, but after waiting a few days, I decided it wasn't necessary at the time.

I hope that these tips helped you to come up with an idea on how you can save money for travel. What is your favorite method? Is there another crazy way you like to save? I'd love to hear about it!